Top 5 Sleep Trackers of 2023

For the last two months, I tried all the latest sleep trackers to find the best one to help someone struggling to get good rest such as myself. The Oura Ring is no longer #1…

1. Best OVERALL: Health Smartwatch 3

Accuracy: 90%

Battery Life: 100%

Price: $

Overall: A+

The Health Smartwatch 3 is the newcomer to the sleep tracking industry, and it is absolutely crushing the competition. The watch tells me exactly the amount of time I’m spending in N1, N2, N3, and REM stages, as well as providing me with a total sleep score. It is scary accurate, providing me with the exact same feedback as the Oura Ring (my top pick for 2022). Meanwhile it has over two weeks of battery life (twice that of the Oura Ring), and costs a fraction of the price. For all these reasons, the Health Smartwatch 3 is far and away the best sleep tracker for 2023.

By far, Health Smartwatch 3 is the best sleep tracker on the market.

2. Oura Ring

Accuracy: 90%

Battery Life: 60%

Price: $$$

Overall: B+

The Oura Ring was last year’s winner, impressing me with their Gen3 model released in late 2021. Unfortunately, this year I had to give it a major rating downgrade, after experiencing the Health Smartwatch 3. The device has not fundamentally changed, but now its 7-day battery life and $300 price tag are just no longer competitive. Furthermore, you can’t view the data directly on the device; you have to view it on a paired smartphone. I hate the glare of my phone when I first wake up in the morning and just want to check how I slept. Still, if the Health Smartwatch 3 is all sold out or you just love the concept of a ring, the Oura Ring is worth looking into.

3. Apple Watch Series 8

Accuracy: 80%

Battery Life: 20%

Price: $$$$

Overall: C+

The Apple Watch is loaded with amazing apps including a solid sleep tracker, but continues to underperform as a serious contender due to its battery life. The Series 8 only has 18 hours, which means that every night I have to choose between charging it and using it as a sleep tracker. It’s pricier than the Oura Ring, and mostly what you pay for is features you won’t use if you’re using it every night and charging it during the day.

4. Fitbit Sense 2

Accuracy: 70%

Battery Life: 50%

Price: $$$

Overall: C

The Fitbit Sense 2 offers acceptable battery life compared to the Apple Watch Series 8, but its accuracy left room for improvement. Furthermore, to make the most of the device, I needed to subscribe to Fitbit Premium for $9.99/month, making this the most expensive device on the list thus far.

5. Whoop 4.0

Accuracy: 80%

Battery Life: 50%

Price: $$$$

Overall: C-

The Whoop offers decent accuracy and a 5 day battery life, but the price tag had my head spinning. Whoop uses a subscription model. The most affordable option was the 24 month subscription for $399, or $16.63/month. Even if you go with that option, you still need to pay $399 all over again every two years. I’d rather just buy a Health Smartwatch 3 and take good care of it. I’ll save over $1000 over 5 years.


With such a saturated market for sleep trackers, I wanted to take the time to tell you why exactly the Health Smartwatch 3 was such a standout. Besides just offering superior battery life and value to all its competitors, this watch really changed how I live my life. Let me explain

I have a number of bad habits that I know impact the quality of my sleep. I regularly skip my workouts, I often scroll on my phone late into the night, and sometimes I can’t resist a midnight snack. Before the Health Smartwatch 3, it was too easy to ignore the data standing right in front of me. I subconsciously would do the bad habits when I knew my device was going to be charging that night or simply ignored the app for products like the Oura Ring.

WIth the Health Smartwatch 3, the data is right there on my wrist, and unable to be ignored. A night after doom scrolling on my phone, and I wake up to see I only got 30 minutes of REM sleep, compared to the 90 minutes I should be getting. I’m getting this feedback every single day for two weeks, without even needing to charge it. This is a gamechanger.

Since regularly wearing the Health Smartwatch 3, I’ve noticed I’m getting better at putting my phone away before bed, exercising a bit more frequently, and cutting out the midnight snacks altogether.

Bottom line, the Health Smartwatch 3 is hands down the best product on the market, and has fundamentally changed my life. I hope you give one a try to, and see if it can radically improve your health habits, and by extension, the quality of your sleep.